All Experimenters’ Meeting / Proton PMG


All Experimenters’ Meeting was merged with monthly Proton Program Management Group (PPMG) Meeting in October 2018.

Meeting Agenda

All Experimenters’ Meeting / Lab Status Meeting

The weekly combined All Experimenters’ and Lab Status Meetings provide a forum for short progress reports from Fermilab accelerator hosted experiments and from the Divisions and Sections of the Laboratory. Each week there is a report from accelerator operations, reports from each of the running accelerator-based experiments, and summaries from the Divisions that provide direct support to experiment preparation and operations. There are also less frequent reports on special topics, for example testbeam activities, non-accelerator particle- and particle-astrophysics-experiments, R&D projects, U.S. CMS, and other items of interest to the Fermilab experimental community.

Meeting Agenda

Links to Weekly Narrative Reports

Weekly Testbeam Report

Weekly Neutrino Report

Weekly PPD Report

Links to Older Operations / Experiment Reports

Accelerator status

Special reports

CMS reports

NOvA reports

MicroBooNE reports

MINOS+ reports

MINERνA reports

SeaQuest reports

RunCo reports

CDF reports

DZero reports

MIPP/E-907 reports

SciBooNE reports

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